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Chinese national Aisha Huang has been sentenced to four and half years in prison for engaging in illegal mining in Ghana. She was found guilty of undertaking a mining operation without a license, facilitating the participation of persons engaged in a mining operation, and the illegal employment of foreigners. Huang was also convicted on her own plea in the charge of entering Ghana while prohibited from re-entry

Aisha Huang’s counsel, Miracle Attachey, argued that a custodial sentence would exert another financial burden on the state, particularly the prison service. The Director of Public Prosecutions responded by stating that the sentence should reflect the impact of her actions on the people of Ghana, the communities she had permanently impaired, and the livelihoods she took away.

Aisha Huang was accused of being involved in illegal mining activities, particularly in the Ashanti Region. She was deported from Ghana in 2018 after the Attorney-General discontinued her trial, but was allegedly re-entering to engage in the same activities. In May 2023, she pleaded guilty to entering Ghana while prohibited from re-entry, contrary to section 20(4) of the Immigration Act, 2000, Act 573.