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AfCFTA Tertiary Students Clubs Inaugurated at Leading Universities In Ghana

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Ghana International Trade and Finance Conference (GITFiC) has successfully inaugurated the AfCFTA Tertiary Students Club at three prominent Ghanaian universities with the aim to foster deeper engagement and understanding of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement among the youth

The ceremonies which were held at All Nations University, University for Development Studies, and Kwame Nkrumah University for Science and Technology, showcased a significant milestone in the collective pursuit of empowering the next generation of African leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary for navigating the complexities of regional trade and economic integration.

The inaugurations which was overseen by the newly appointed chairperson, Dr. Edwin Alfred N.O Provencal, were attended by senior officials from key institutions including the National Service Scheme, Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Limited, and Ghana International Trade Commission.

These dignitaries did not only honored the occasion as special guests but also shared valuable insights and perspectives on the implications and opportunities presented by the AfCFTA.

Patrons and student executives of the newly established clubs were officially inducted into office, signaling their commitment to steering the affairs of the clubs and facilitating meaningful dialogue on trade dynamics, legal frameworks, and socio-economic impacts within the context of AfCFTA prime purpose.

The presence of senior lecturers as patrons ensures academic guidance and mentorship, while student executives bring fresh perspectives and energy to the discourse.

The establishment of the AfCFTA Tertiary Students Clubs reflects the growing recognition of the pivotal role that academia plays in shaping Africa’s economic future. By providing a platform for students, faculty members, and researchers to convene, deliberate, and collaborate on issues of regional integration and economic development, these clubs aim to contribute to the realization of the AfCFTA’s potential as a catalyst for sustainable growth and prosperity across the continent.