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AFCON: Cameroonians boycott stadiums during matches

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In this so-called “fan zone” located in the fifth district of Douala, massive people came together around a giant screen to watch the second game between Cameroon and Ethiopia.

Several people have decided not to go to the stadiums like how gentlemen do but gather to watch the match and many Cameroonians have decided to boycott the stadiums following the strict measures taken by AFCON to limit the spread of the deadly virus.

“Here we are supporting the morale of the lions to allow them to win the cup and eventually to victory, we must win and qualify today,” said Jules Ngakoué, supporter.

“In the fan zone there’s so much excitement, and there are no regulations to get in, you just need your mask, whereas in the stadium you have to get vaccinated, get Covid test, here it’s easier because you get together and there’s joy” added another supporter.

In Bafoussam or Limbé; Cameroonians don’t go to the stadiums as they simply prefer to watch the match on TV or at home because they don’t want to be vaccinated, nor get the Covid tests. This makes the authorities disappointed, as they were expecting a full stadium during this game.