Africa World Airline To Embark On Test Flight To Ho Airport

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After years of lying fallow, the Ho airport will host its first commercial test flight on Thursday afternoon.

The news of the landing of Africa World Airline’s commercial airbus at the Ho airport, consistent with industry players, will present tremendous opportunities for the local economy and also enhance tourism within the region.

“As the region industrializes, it’s necessary to diversify entry routes into the region. With the approaching on board of the Ho airport, there should be a boom in business activities within the region”, Dela Gadzanku, Chairman of Association of Ghana Industries for the Volta, Oti and Eastern Regions told Citi news .

With the region noted for its cleanliness and rich tourism potential, the tourism authority within the Volta Region says it’s begun preparing Volta’s tourist centres for an increased number of tourists .

Director of the Tourism Authority within the Volta Region, Alexander Nketia told Citi news that the authority has “helped variety of tourism centres” while training tour guides in anticipation of increased visits.

It’s not just the tourism authority that’s preparing for the boom. The Volta Hoteliers Association has also prepared packages especially for tourists and businessmen and ladies who are going to be visiting the Volta Region.

Stevie-Derrick Armah, Manager of Volta Serene Hotel in Ho told Citi news that the Hoteliers Association has close to organize affordable packages for tourists and business people that will visit the Volta Region henceforth.

For the regular market women, they’re hopeful that increased visits to the Volta Region through the Ho Airport will end in increased purchases.