Afrobarometer Survey Reveals Ghanaians Want to Pay More Taxes

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A new Afrobarometer report has said the bulk of Ghanaians don’t trust tax collectors and the way the govt uses tax revenues.

“Ghanaians endorse taxation and are even willing to pay higher taxes to support the country’s development, a replacement Afrobarometer study shows. However, a majority of citizens say it’s difficult to seek out out what taxes and costs they’re alleged to pay and the way the govt uses tax revenues,” the report released on Friday, April 9, 2021, said.

“The analysis finds that citizens are more supportive of taxation if they believe the govt is doing an honest job of delivering basic services. But many voters also express mistrust of tax authorities and see widespread corruption among tax officials. In its 2021 budget statement, the govt introduced new taxes, including a tenth COVID-19 levy added to the VAT and a tenth addition to the National insurance Levy (NHIL).

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