Alex Martey Says Ningo Prampram Must Get A Landing Beach

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An Administrator and Management Practitioner, Mr Alexander Martey, has asked the govt to determine a landing beach in Ningo Prampram within the Greater Accra region.

Mr Martey who was the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary candidate for Ningo prampram within the 2020 elections said that Ningo Prampram is one among the large fishing communities within the country, hence must get its landing beach.

“We are still getting to push for state to think about constructing a landing beach at Prampram.

“Prampram is one among the most important fishing communities along the coast of Ghana, the most important remains in Ningo Prampram, Ahwiam, the village of the MP Sam George,” he told Alfred Ocansey on the Sunrise show on 3FM Thursday April 22.

Touching on the difficulty of pair trawling in Ghana, he said the prcat8ice is disturbing fisher folk, enforce the laws.

He asked the govt to enforce the laws to affect the difficulty of pair trawling along the coastal areas within the country.

He explained on the Sunrise show on 3FM Thursday April 22 that pair trawling is currently destroying the artisanal fishing sector of the local economy. This phenomenon he explained has left the fisher folks in those communities in abject poverty, a situation he said requires the government’s immediate attention to enforce the laws against illegal fishing activities on the ocean .

Pair trawling may be a fishing activity administered by two boats, with one towing each warp, the towing cables. because the mouth of internet is kept open by the lateral pull of the individual vessels, otter boards aren’t required. With the towing power of two boats and no otter boards, a bigger net could also be worked than would rather be possible, or alternatively, the 2 boats can share increased fuel efficiency

Asked how long been pair trawling been happening , Mr Martey who hails from a fishing community, Ningo Prampram answered “ not but twenty years.”

He told Alfred Ocansey that “Coming up as a youngman during the time of President Kufuor’s regime I started hearing about pair trawling so I can say not but twenty years that pair trawling has been happening .

Commenting on assertions that this problem has been happening within the open, he said “That is extremely true. In Ghana we’ve all the laws but the matter is that the enforcement.

“With the assistance of the media in 2017 and 2018 his Excellency moved into the galamsey areas to prevent it, commissioning military to travel there, they went there during a short time it became something else.”