All Domestic Taxes & Customs Duty To Be Paid Online As GRA Goes Digital

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The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has become the newest agency to embrace government’s digitisation drive.

The GRA, has, during a memo to its staff dated April 20, 2021, directed that effective Dominion Day , 2021, “all payments for Taxes and Duties shall be made on to GRA Accounts with the varied banks through the varied means like cash, bank drafts, bank transfers, ACH, swift, cards, momo, and other electronic means.”

The GRA directives also stated that the GRA will “cease accepting personal and company cheques for payment of Taxes and Customs Duties effective June 1, 2021.”

The memo however, added that existing cheques that have already been received for the payment of Duties and Taxes will still be presented but the GRA warns no new cheque are going to be received after June 1, 2021.’

Before the effective dates of June and July, the GRA has directed that “domestic tax payment by various methods through and every one participating Banks must commence on May Day , 2021.”

According to the GRA, the digital migration is a component of the GRA’s efforts to reinforce revenue mobilization and therefore the drive towards simple payment for taxpayers through a cashless system of operation.

The GRA is already gearing itself up for the expected migration and has directed its staff to urge ready for the approaching switch .

The GRA will, within the coming days, intensify internal and external communication to urge stakeholders and therefore the general public well informed about the new digital process.