Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos pledges $2bn for African land restoration

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Amazon originator Jeff Bezos has promised $2bn (£1.47bn) through his Bezos Earth Fund for land reclamation in Africa.

The American very rich person recently demonstrated he would make ventures worth $1bn (£732m) at an occasion with Prince Charles on Monday.

“We should moderate what we actually have, we should reestablish what we’ve lost and we should develop what we really want to live without debasing the planet for people in the future to come,” he says.

“66% of the land in Africa is corrupted, yet this can be turned around. Rebuilding can further develop soil ripeness, raise yields and further develop food security, make water more dependable, make occupations and lift financial development, while additionally sequestering carbon,” Jeff Bezos said.

Bezos proceeds to say his trip to space in July has changed his perspective on the world.

He says: “Glancing back at Earth from up there, the climate appears so slender, the world so limited thus delicate.

“Presently, in this basic year and what we as a whole know is the unequivocal decade, we should all stand together to ensure our reality.”