Amazon provides Alexa with a new iOS widget and the order to transfer appointments.

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The Alexa app for iOS has been upgraded to allow you to access the voice assistant directly from your home screen via a new widget. Through a new “assign reminders” skill, anyone can utilize the assistant to remind certain members of your home to accomplish duties.

Because of the relatively limited nature of iOS widgets, the redesigned Ask Alexa widget isn’t just Alexa as it is a connection directly to the iOS app. However, if you have the Alexa widget on any of your screens and have already been granted the Alexa superuser privileges to use your iPhone’s microphone, you will be able to get good requests with a tap

So those demands can be a little more specific. Amazon has enabled Alexa to issue reminders to particular members of your family who have a Voice Profile set up on the same Amazon Alexa account.

So, if you tell Alexa, “Alexa, remind Jeff to take the lasagna out of the freezer at 10 a.m.,” Alexa will be able to deliver the reminder to the correct message to the target audience via the Alexa app. You can add profiles to your Alexa account in Settings under Your Profile, and Amazon says you may give each one a relationship moniker, such as parent, dad, daughter, and so on.

Alexa gains new features and capabilities on a monthly basis, but Amazon said in June that it would open up Alexa to third-party developers even more. Among the numerous new APIs will be the ability for designers to develop custom widgets for the Echo Show.

Story By: Norvisi Mawunyegah