Angolan President Jlo’s Chief Of Staff received millions in state contracts

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TVI NEWS uncovered offshore bank dealings by Angolan presidency. Money spent by the Angolan state went through an account in Madeira and was used to buy luxury properties in Portugal.

The president of Angola, João Lourenço, authorized the hiring of a consulting company owned by Edeltrudes Costa, the current chief of staff and the right hand of the head of state of that African country.

One of the businesses, which aimed to modernize Angolan airports, earned several million euros in public contracts, and the money ended up in Portugal, where it was used to buy luxury houses in Sintra and Cascais. Eldetrudes Costa also sent money to Panama, using a branch of the then Banco Espírito Santo (BES) in the free zone of Madeira.

Since João Lourenço assumed the power that (Mr) Eldetrudes Costa is his right arm, he has been moving for several years in the corridors of Angolan power, even during the tenure of José Eduardo dos Santos, haven served as Minister of State and Chief of Staff during that period. A TVI investigation found that several public contracts were awarded with the approval of the Angolan president.

Hon. Mohammed Adjei Sowah
In a speech before the launch, Mr. Sowah said, “Accra is ready to play a significant role in the successful implementation of the African Continental Free Trade agreement

The company EMFC – Consulting, S.A, is owned by (Mr) Eldetrudes Costa with unlimited powers, and his mandate as the head of the company can only be revoked with his own authorization.

In an order approved by the President of the Republic of Angola, the hiring of Roland Berger is mentioned in a document that provides for the subcontracting of EMFC. The contract refers to February 2019 and the grantor who signs for EMFC is Portuguese: Nuno Monteiro Dente, who has been a representative of Roland Berger since 2018, being thus involved in both contracted companies.

Source: TVI News Portugal

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