Assemble positive economy to boost local production of building materials – Construction Chamber

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The Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry has approached the public authority to set up down-to-earth measures to empower the large-scale manufacturing of building materials in the country.

This follows the declaration by the Works and Housing Minister, Francis Asesnso Boakye that his service will push for the utilization of nearby materials for building government projects.

Costs of building materials, including concrete, iron bars, and entryways have seen tireless increments since the start of the year.

In a meeting with Citi Business News, CEO of the Chamber, Cherry Emmanuel said the government should lessen the expense of credit, power, and water in addition to other things all together for nearby structure materials to be predominant in the country’s development industry.

“Which government arrangements have been set up to ensure that the economy is business-accommodating for our nearby fabricates to exploit? Those are the inquiries we are posing. Take the loaning rate, for example, go to the monetary market and check the amount it is and how about we ask ourselves, the cost of roll what amount is it today? The cost of different materials that comprise to creation, for example, power, what are we doing about this”.

“It is praiseworthy what the pastor expects to do yet in the event that the financial pointers are not suitable to help industry all that the clergyman has said will be the manner of speaking, it’s simply going to be a funfair”.