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AU Trade Commissioner Rallies African Businesses To Get verify on Kadodo platform

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African Union Commissioner for Trade, Ambassador Albert Muchanga has called business owners in Ghana and others across the African continent to get their businesses authenticated by Kadodo Africa.

Kadodo Africa is said to be an online platform designed to authenticate and connect businesses and consumers within the continent.

The platform aims to help businesses in Africa to add value and also optimize the opportunities that have already been created by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA)

Ambassador Muchanga made this known in Accra, Ghana as he emphasized that business that is verified and authenticated by the platform will benefit from the gains of visibility and attraction on a competitive landscape.

He indicated that “The platform which profiles and authenticates businesses gives the assurance that African businesses are ready to transact in an atmosphere of trust and mutual gain”

He added that listing on the Kadodo “implies positions a business as “a market player that meets all the conditions for fair competition”