Bank of Ghana maintains policy rate at 13.5 percent

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The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has kept up with the policy rate at 13.5 percent for the third continuous time.

The choice was contained in an assertion gave after the 102nd press instructions of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) and the Fifth in the year.

The MPC met keep going week to deliberate on ongoing worldwide and homegrown macroeconomic conditions, and to evaluate dangers to the expansion and development standpoint.

Despite the fact that swelling has risen forcefully throughout the last two readings, driven for the most part by supported food cost builds, BoG says it need its policy rate to remain fixed at 13.5 percent.

“Given these contemplations, and the genuinely adjusted dangers to swelling and development in the viewpoint, the Committee chose to keep the policy rate at 13.5 percent,” part of an official statement from the Bank of Ghana has said.

At the gathering, the Committee was of the view that development keeps on recuperating from the effect of the pandemic.

It concurred that high recurrence monetary markers highlight proceeded with recuperation in financial action, despite the fact that beneath pre-pandemic levels.

As indicated by the committee, in spite of the fact that buyer certainty got, debilitating business opinions, originating from supply interruptions, is unfavorably affecting information costs, driving down momentary organization possibilities.

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