Bankers Association Says Banks Will Soon Recognise Ghana Card As Main Identification For Transactions

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Vice president Executive Officer of the Ghana Association of Bankers, John Awuah has expressed that his outfit is in conversations with different partners that will prompt the execution of an equal framework that will see banks acknowledge the new National ID cards notwithstanding various other ID cards for monetary exchanges.

“The National Identification card is going ahead stream and behind the scenes, we are working with the National Identification Authority and the outsider supplier of that framework to guarantee that we can have an equal framework where throughout the next few weeks, you will hear that you can go to a save money with your National ID card, and you can be decidedly distinguished”.

“When that goes ahead stream and the equal eliminate runs, by the law that set up the National Identification System, that turns into the essential type of distinguishing clients for banking exchanges and afterward as banks, you will have no real option except to go along”.

John Awuah further repeated that conversations are as yet progressing to guarantee that the new elector’s ID card turns out to be essential for the ID cards acknowledged by banks for monetary exchanges even as the government runs after executing the utilization of the public ID cards.

“The fact of the matter is that the elector’s ID cards are one of the numerous cards acknowledged by banks for monetary exchanges. Shockingly, since we concocted new cards, the outsider that has a relationship with the Electoral Commission to have that information base revived or refreshed so that banks could decidedly recognize clients who produce citizens ID cards for banking transmissions, that sort of conversation has not been finished up”.

“It is tragic that as banks we don’t have a say in that conversation since we are not involved with that pondering. The message I need clients to know is that, on the off chance that you go to a bank and your elector’s ID card isn’t acknowledged, it isn’t because the bank would not like to acknowledge it but since the bank has no component for validating the new citizen’s ID cards. Would you be able to suppose someone presents a card to manage exchange and afterward on the other side you track down that the card is a copy or something different, we would prefer not to be in such a circumstance? We do these things to ensure our clients, and we trust that they will hold on for us during this time where we are going through the way toward incorporating the new elector’s ID card into our activities for recognizing clients”.