BBC apologizes over handling of Huw Edwards complaint

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By Emma Saunders

Culture reporter

The BBC has apologized for the way it handled a complaint about the presenter Huw Edwards.

Allegations about his behavior were made in May 2023 but did not reach senior managers until 6 July.

The corporation said the complaint was not “escalated quickly enough” and that it has now changed its processes.

An independent report by Deloitte into the BBC’s complaints handling procedure said a complaint by the family of a young person was made on the 18 May.

The report said the case was not logged properly nor was there a “documented process” for following up the allegations.

The Deloitte report said the initial contact by the family was supposed to be escalated to the relevant regional operations security manager but this did not happen.

The complainant was signposted to audience services, however, the day after they made the complaint.

But the case was not logged on the BBC’s case management system so there “was no opportunity for wider visibility of the case within the BBC.”

“There was no documented process for contact with the complainant and/or follow up,” the report noted.

The BBC said it had already made improvements to its non-editorial complaints process but had further plans for “greater consistency” across teams… regardless of the route by which the complaints are received and reviewed.”

It also said it would make better use of technology to ensure there is “a complete picture of all cases”.

The Sun newspaper had published claims about a BBC News presenter paying a young person for sexual explicit photos.

On 13 July, Huw Edwards’ wife Vicky Find, who named her husband as the man at the centre of the allegations, said he would respond when he was well enough.