Beyoncé, Diddy, 2 Chainz, LeBron, T.I, Snoop, Meek Mill and more Pay Tribute to George Floyd

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More celebrities are speaking out against Floyds horrifying death.

Four Minneapolis police officers have been fired following his death. According to multiple outlets, on Monday (May 25), cops were called to a local grocery store after Floyd was accused of trying to forge a check. He was in his vehicle when cops arrived and they ordered him to step out.

The police said that Floyd resisted, but new camera footage shows him getting out of his car peacefully. In the viral videos recorded by witnesses, Floyd is pinned down to the ground by multiple police officers. One of the officers had his knee planted firmly onto Floyds neck. He repeatedly yelled out that he couldnt breathe, but his calls went unanswered. He became unconscious and was transported to a hospital where he later died. The police officers have not been arrested or charged with his murder.

T.I., Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill, LeBron James and more react to George Floyds death

Many celebrities are using their platforms to bring awareness to Floyds unnecessary death. Beyoncé shared a throwback photo of Floyd on the homepage of her website. She wrote, Rest in power George Floyd.

Sean Diddy Combs took to his social media platforms and tweeted Floyds name. He also shared the tragic video footage from the murder and captioned the post, AMERICA THE WORLD IS WATCHING.

Ciara tweeted, My heart cant take it, seeing whats happened to #GeorgeFloyd. This is eerily similar to the death of #EricGarner. There has to be a stopping point in the process of arresting someone. Its all senseless.

Do we need any more proof that if you are a man of color when it comes to police procedure we are at a deadly disadvantage? Jamie Foxx wrote on Instagram. No need to sugarcoat it Two white men carry out mass murders that kill over 32 people One of the mass murderers sat down in the church with the black members and then proceeded to kill them and was calmly taken into custody… #whydotheyhateus.

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By Tamantha Gunn

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