Bill Gates Gives Malinda $1.8 Billion Stocks On Same Day Of Divorce Filing

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Bill Gates fixed his alienated spouse’s pocket with almost $2 BILLION the same day she petitioned for legal separation … what’s more, this disclosure is a sign they were working out the property settlement well before the separation declaration.

The exchange went down this way … an investment firm constrained by Bill moved a huge number of shares in two organizations to Melinda Monday, that very day the tycoons reported the finish of their marriage.

Bill’s investment firm, Cascade Investment LLC, sent Melinda over 14 million portions of Canadian National Railway Co. also, more than 2.9 million portions of AutoNation Inc … as indicated by documents

In light of Wednesday’s stock costs, the shares are worth north of $1.8 billion … counting about $1.53 billion in Canadian National Railway shares and about $310 million on AutoNation shares.

Melinda recorded divorce docs that make it clear there’s no prenup.

They consented to a division arrangement in front of the separation filing, and the stock exchange shows they are as of now as it were in isolating resources.

It’ll be intriguing to perceive how Bill and Melinda divvy up their resources … furthermore, the billion-dollar stock exchange is the main sign.