Bruce Willis’ Mom Evaluates In on ‘Die Hard’ Christmas Movie Deliberation

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The dispute over whether the 1980s famous action film “Die Hard” is a Christmas film has raged for years, and Bruce Willis’ mother is taking sides.

The dispute has the potential to break families this holiday season… “Die Hard” is a Christmas classic… so to get to the bottom of it, we turned to Bruce’s mother… because mothers can’t be wrong, right?!?Marlene, Bruce’s mother, stated “Die Hard” is not a Christmas film.

Her reasoning … “Die Hard” is a movie set at Christmas time, but that’s not an essential element of the flick. Seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, because Bruce does not believe it’s a Christmas movie either.if you take “Die Hard” and change the scene to another time of year, such as Easter, Mother’s Day, or even Halloween, the movie will still work.