Bullet Struck In Colombia’s President Ivan Duque Helicopter Flying Through Catatumbo District

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Colombia’s President Ivan Duque has said a helicopter he was on was struck by different slugs when flying through the country’s Catatumbo district towards the city of Cucuta, capital of the country’s Norte de Santander area on Friday.

Notwithstanding Duque, the helicopter was conveying different authorities, including guard serve Diego Molano, inside serve Daniel Palacios, and legislative leader of Norte de Santander Silvano Serrano.

“It’s anything but a fearful assault, where you can see shot openings in the official airplane,” the president said in an explanation.

Nobody was harmed in the occurrence, a representative for the administration said.

Photographs delivered by the president’s office showed the tail and the principle cutting edge had been hit.

Duque said the airplane’s “wellbeing highlights” forestalled a “deadly” assault.

Security work force have been given clear guidelines to track down those behind the assault on the helicopter, the president added.

“Again we repeat that as an administration [we will not give up]… in the battle against drug dealing, psychological warfare and the coordinated wrongdoing that work in the country,” Duque said. “[They won’t] scare us with viciousness or demonstrations of dread. Our state is solid and Colombia is solid to confront these dangers.”

The grieved Catatumbo district, on Colombia’s boundary with Venezuela, is home to broad coca crops, the central element of cocaine.

It is the place where warriors of the radical National Liberation Army (ELN) work – previous FARC contenders who reject a 2016 harmony manage the public authority – alongside equipped criminal gatherings engaged with drug dealing.

This month, a vehicle bomb was exploded at an army installation utilized by the 30th Army Brigade in Cucuta, harming Colombian soldiers and US military counselors.

While guard serve Molano said the assault might have been completed by the ELN, the radical gathering denied having any part in the besieging.

Since Duque reached power, Colombia has persevered through its most exceedingly awful episode of viciousness since the international agreement with the FARC.