Burundian economist in transformative wood art

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Burundi’s economic capital, Bujumbura is likewise the focal African nation’s imaginative and inventive force to be reckoned with.

Clovis Mwizero, a financial expert cum craftsman lives here.

With his better half, Mwizero has made La Maison du Bois where he plans and makes enriching articles and furniture out of wood.

La Maison du Bois is a craftsmanship organization, a privately-run company established by two individuals who are energetic about workmanship. It is just a craftsmanship house that goes with couples as they assemble their homes from commitment, marriage through to advanced age, I would say,” said Mwizero.

He says wood carries a characteristic vibe to a house and opens the creative mind, instead of different materials used to make enhancing or family articles like plastic, metal, or paper.

“In wood you can discover everything, you can discover the components of enrichment, you can even make wooden watches, you can make wooden purses, you can make delightful artistic creations of weddings or occasions”.

Mwizero’s enthusiasm for craftsmanship is shared by his better half Gloria, who generally has some expertise in weaving youngsters’ toys and enlivening frill.

“A doll is an object of schooling for youngsters since it helps particularly the young lady, it assists her with growing up, to believe in herself,” she said.

With wood as the crude material for their business, two or three has wandered into agroforestry, planting a few hectares of trees.

Mwizero is additionally giving woodwork and carpentry exercises to adolescents holding on to enter college at his studio.