Call for December in GH events to start early –GTA Boss

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THE CHIEF Executive Officer of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Mr Akwasi Agyeman has disclosed that the call to event organizers for the December in GH festivities will start early this year to give them sufficient time for seamless planning.

So instead of the usual May—June when event organisers submit their programmes, they will this year do so in March to also accommodate the increasing enthusiasm among patrons.

So instead of the usual May—June when event organizers submit their programmers, they will this year do so in March to also accommodate the increasing enthusiasm among patrons.

The decision comes in response to concerns raised, particularly by diaspora’s and the international community, citing limited preparation time within the existing time frame.

In an exclusive interview with the Graphic Showbiz, Mr Agyeman acknowledged that these concerns were valid and highlighted the need to address them.

He noted that the early call this year would facilitate better planning for those intending to participate in the celebrations, particularly regarding travel arrangements and event planning.

“People told us that the travel cycle takes time, so for them to decide to visit a country and make necessary arrangements, they need sufficient time. This year, we are hoping to issue the first call for event organizers by March to give them ample time for global responses,” he explained.

According to him, discussions are underway to engage more corporate entities, with a focus on alleviating the financial burden on event organizers.

“We need to involve more corporate entities because many event organizers have voiced concerns about sponsorship. Making December in GH more appealing to corporate Ghana is crucial to encourage their involvement. Additionally, we plan to collaborate with other agencies, including assemblies,” he explained.

The move to initiate preparations earlier and secure additional sponsorships aims at ensuring a smoother execution of the December in GH festivities, making it more accessible and enjoyable for both local and international patrons.

Sharing insights on the just-ended festivities, the GTA boss said the 2023 December in GH festivities recorded extraordinary success and brought in substantial economic gains to the country although he couldn’t give substantive figures since they were still being collated.

According to him, the just-ended festivities positively impacted the local economy, citing increased tourism and heightened international attention since the inception of the December in GH initiative in 2019.

source by graphic news

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