Cardi B claims her birthday gift for Offset will outperform his house gift.

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Cardi B has at least one bright idea for what she may offer Offset for his 30th birthday, and she’s convinced it would outdo his present to her… presuming he’s into good lovin’.

We ran saw the rapper at LAX, where she was incognito and COVID-free… but her unusual nails made her stand out like a sore thumb.

Anyway, we started to chatting about birthdays because her husband’s is coming up in a few months, and he just fixed her up with a new house in the Dominican Republic for her birthday.

Cardi is perplexed by the issue, but after some quick thinking, she comes up with a solution that truly made us laugh out loud.

We’ll tell it again: Offset will NOT be let down. There will be no Father’s Day sweaters for him. BTW, our cameraman noticed something significant… Cardi may not need to purchase Offset a house or anything tangible at all, considering she DID recently give birth to their son, who turned 50 on Sunday.

It’s been 50 days, and there haven’t been any pictures of the little man on Cardi’s social media, nor has he been given a name.

We also question Cardi about it, and she acknowledges that we almost got her to spill the beans!!! Don’t worry, Cardi… we’ll try again.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah