Chris Cuomo immediately suspended from CNN, assisting brother, Andrew.

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Chris Cuomo will be off the airwaves of CNN for the foreseeable future after the cable news network suspended him for attempting to defend his brother.

Chris has been suspended indefinitely by CNN due to newly revealed evidence from the New York Attorney General’s Office, which exposes supposed texts Chris gave to Andrew Cuomo’s staff during his sexual harassment crisis.

According to them, the fresh transcripts and documents that were released on Monday “Chris Cuomo’s role in his brother’s defense has been revealed in new light.

The materials, which we didn’t have access to until they were made public, raise major concerns.” CNN continues by saying Chris admitted to exceeding the network’s guidelines by offering advice to his brother’s personnel, something the network acknowledged publicly some time ago.

“These records suggest to a greater level of involvement… than we previously knew,” a network representative says, adding that they understood where he was coming from at the time. As a result, he’s been placed on leave pending further investigation.

Just in case you missed it… Chris was found to have texted particular accusers, including Anna Ruch, who claimed Andrew kissed her at a wedding.

“I have a lead on the wedding girl,” CC allegedly wrote to an Andrew colleague, implying he was digging into her.

According to the New York Attorney General’s documents, Chris was also reaching out to his media industry sources to learn more about who else might be coming out with charges against his brother.

As you may be aware, Governor Cuomo eventually resigned from his position, claiming that he never did anything inappropriate on purpose.

However, he has now become enmeshed in the legal system as well, and is now facing criminal charges in connection with some of the allegations leveled against him.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah