Christian Wood of the NBA hits a fan in the head with an errant pass and apologizes by offering tickets

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Christian Wood of the Houston Rockets hit a fan in the head with a stray pass on Monday, and he felt so horrible about it that he offered complimentary tickets as an apology.

The incident occurred during the Rockets’ game against the Charlotte Hornets at Spectrum Center, when Wood attempted to initiate a fastbreak at the end of the first half.

Wood snatched the rebound, turned, and threw an awful pass to his teammate that soared into the stands and smacked a woman in the head. As you can see in the video, the ball struck the fan square in the face, causing her to collapse to the ground. Wood and the rest of his Rockets colleagues were visibly shaken, but the woman looked to be unharmed.

Wood apologizes for the poor toss after the game, saying, After the game, Wood apologizes for the terrible throw … saying, “happens to the best of us.” “Courtside tix to any rocket game of her choice,” he added. By the way, Wood’s situation didn’t improve much as the night progressed… Houston was defeated by a score of 123-99. And you thought you had a bad Monday.