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COCOBOD to officially close 2021 light crop cocoa season on Friday

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Ghana Cocoa Board has declared that buys for the 2021 Light Crop Cocoa Season will stop at the end of business on Friday, third September 2021.

To help the Licensed Buying Companies (LBCs) to get the last gets back from up-country, Ghana Cocoa Board has concluded that profits on the announced buys will be acknowledged up to 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, ninth September 2021.

This comes after Ghana accomplished a memorable cocoa creation record of 1,033,132.19 metric tons for the 2020/2021 yield season as at August 2021 – beating a long term record creation of 1,024,000 metric tons in the 2010/2011 harvest season, COCOBOD has reported.

The Chief Executive of COCOBOD, Joseph Boahen Aidoo prior declared that he was cheerful of additional expanding the creation of cocoa beans to around 1,060,000 metric tons to authoritatively end the season.

Ghana’s cocoa season runs two cycles, comprising of the fundamental harvest season and the light yield season.

The light yield season normally goes on for 11 weeks from June to September, while the principle crop season keeps going from October to May.

Electronic Weighing Scales

Ghana will, from the first of October this year, start utilizing specific electronic gauging scales that will be utilized by Licensed purchasing organizations to resolve the issue of cocoa ranchers being cheated at gauging focuses.

Albeit the business controller, Ghana Cocoa Board’s true weight for a sack of cocoa is 64kg, the cocoa purchasers glaringly ignore it and work by their own guidelines by changing their scales to the disservice of ranchers.

Mr. Boahen Aidoo said his outfit as a team with the Ghana Standards Authority had protected scales with a gauging limit of 150 kilograms for the cocoa business.

“We have chipped away at this along with the LBCs in complete consent to change the gauging scales from the manual to the electronic framework. We needed the sort that can be utilized wherever in the country. So we have obtained both electronic and sun based scales. This will end the days when our cocoa ranchers felt cheated by LBCs who they asserted changed their gauging scales,” he expressed.

“Accordingly compelling first October 2021, which denotes the start of the new harvest season 2021/2022 Ghana will utilize the electronic gauging scale. That is the thing that will be utilized all through the nation and as a controller, we need to declare as far as our accomplices and stakeholders to be aware. So on the off chance that you go to gauge your cocoa, and it’s not COCOBODs electronic scale, it implies that scale is unapproved”.

The new electronic scales were suggested by the Ghana Standards Authority, following an examination of the mechanical scales as of now utilized the nation over.