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Colombia captures its ‘most wanted’ drug lord Dairo Antonio Usuga

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Colombia’s most-wanted drug lord has been caught by experts in what has been proclaimed as the greatest hit to the country’s opiates dealers in many years.

Colombia’s President Iván Duque Márquez affirmed the catch of Dairo Antonio Usuga, known as “Otoniel,” in a broadcast public location Saturday.

“This upset is simply similar to the fall of Pablo Escobar during the 90s,” Duque said, alluding to the Colombian drug lord who kicked the bucket in 1993 in the wake of building a multibillion-dollar domain managing cocaine.

“Otoniel was the most dreaded drug dealer on the planet, a killer of police officers, fighters, social pioneers, and a spotter of minors,” he said.

Otoniel, 50, was seized by Colombian specialists during an activity in a country space of Colombia’s Uraba locale, situated in Antioquia territory, Reuters revealed. One cop kicked the bucket during the activity, as per the report.

Otoniel was the head of the ‘Faction del Golfo’ drug cartel, which the US State Department portrays as “vigorously equipped and incredibly fierce.” He turned into the pioneer following stretches as a left-wing guerrilla and a paramilitary, as per Reuters.

The cartel is included previous individuals from psychological militant associations, as per the State Department, and utilizations savagery and terrorizing to control opiates dealing courses, cocaine handling labs, speedboat flight focuses and secret runways.

Otoniel was arraigned by the Southern District of New York in 2009. The State Department presented up to $5 million for data prompting his capture or conviction, while Colombia offered an award of up to 3 billion Colombian pesos (about $800,000) for data on his whereabouts, Reuters announced.

Duque finished his broadcast discourse Saturday with a directive for other drug dealers, saying: “To all lawbreakers and narco dealers: possibly you give up, or we will come and get you.”