Concerned rate of abductions high in Nigeria

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Story by: Norvisi Eyiram Mawunyegah

Date: 17th March 2021

No less than 700 students were kidnapped in the northern states since December 2020.

This has become a key security challenge for the country. At least 700 students have been held captive in northern states since December 2020.

That figure changes every day with reports of more attacks and abductions. Hundreds of students were able to abscond from a raid on Monday, while their three teachers were abducted.

It happened in northwestern Kaduna state and it was the first such attack on a primary school.

Armed gangs locally known as bandits are suspected. They usually seek lucrative amounts of money before releasing the victims, but the government denies paying them any money.

Citizens are concerned over the rate of the activates and raising concerns of what the government is doing in regards to the situation, people living in fear for their lives and in return affecting their daily activities in the country.