Coronavirus – Things to keep in mind while donning a face mask to keep yourself safe from COVID-19

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Here are some dos and don’ts of wearing a face mask and tips to keep yourself safe from COVID-19.


As experts encourage the use of face covers and masks to avoid COVID-19, a look at some common mistakes that make them less effective. Masks offer limited protection and work better when combined with hand washing and social distancing. By donning a mask, many people are doing their part to slow the spread of coronavirus. But many are also wearing their masks wrong. Here are some dos and don’ts of wearing a mask. (Image: Reuters) Don’t wear a mask keeping your nose open. (Image: News18 Creative) Don’t leave your chin open. (Image: News18 Creative) Don’t wear your mask loosely. (Image: News18 Creative) Don’t cover only the tip of your nose. (Image: News18 Creative) Don’t expose your nose and mouth. (Image: News18 Creative) Wear a mask that fits around your face, leaving no gaps. (Image: News18 Creative) Here are some tips to stay safe during coronavirus outbreak. (Image: News18 Creative)

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