Court Rejects BitMEX Lawsuit

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US District Judge William Orrick recently dismissed an amended document received from the plaintiff over the motion in the recent crypto case filed against BitMEX crypto exchange. A group of crypto dealers including BMA LLC filed a complaint in which they are the plaintiff. This is why it was rejected by Judge Orrick. In his opinion, the plaintiff copied and pasted documents from five previous actions against BitMEX in New York.

Judge Orrick said, ‘’I will not consider those copied allegations, for which the Messieh court will determine plausibility. Plaintiffs’ other allegations are insufficient for the same reasons identified in my previous order.’’

Furthermore, this is the second time Judge Orrick has dismissed this particular plaintiff’s allegations about BitMEX. This appears to be consistent with Judge Orrick’s rejection of their first complaint on September 7, this year. Judge Orrick ruled on Law360 that the filling was “conclusory” and “prolix” in nature before dismissing the plaintiff’s claims. The size and prolix nature […] alone are grounds for dismissal. I have also searched for a plausible claim and cannot find one. Regarding the accusation, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against BitMEX parent firm HDR Global Trading Limited for market manipulation, racketeering, and money-laundering. As a result, the Judge has ordered that the plaintiff will not be allowed to bring another lawsuit against BitMEX.