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A complainant of Marilyn Manson’s rape has had her lawsuit against the shock musician thrown out of court for lack of sufficient evidence.

Judge rejected the woman’s lawsuit Tuesday, according to newly released court documents obtained by TMZ. The judge said that the woman’s claims were barred by the statute of limitations.

According to TMZ, the story was first reported, Jane Doe filed suit against Manson in May alleging that he assaulted her after they began dating in 2011. Manson’s accuser said she repressed memories of the alleged rape… but the judge dismissed the complaint because the lady couldn’t explain how her memory had been repressed or why she hadn’t learned about it sooner.

While this action has been dismissed, we have previously reported that Manson is also being sued for sexual assault by three other women, including his former assistant and “Game of Thrones” actor Esme Bianco.

It should also be emphasized that the woman has been granted 20 days to refile her case and address the judge’s concerns concerning her purportedly repressed memories and the time limit.