COVID-19: Ghanaians support India with 150 oxygen concentrators

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Following the radical flood of Covid-19 cases in India this May, Ghanaians have in an offer of thoughtfulness, given a gift of clinical evaluation 150 oxygen concentrators to destitute emergency clinics around there.

This gear are being divided between 30 wellbeing offices in provincial regions across 14 distinct states.

Furthermore, seven units of 10-liter-oxygen concentrators are being introduced by the Government of Ghana to India’s Ministry of External Affairs, through the Ghana High Commission in New Delhi.

This motion makes Ghana the principal African nation to have attempted a particularly drive.

An oxygen concentrator is a gadget that thinks the oxygen from a gas supply by specifically eliminating nitrogen to supply an oxygen-improved gas stream.

Clinical oxygen gets fundamental for treatment of serious COVID-19 patients.

Mr. Amar Deep S. Hari, the Chief Executive Officer of IPMC, who dispatched the things, on a virtual stage, for dissemination from India’s popular mosque Dargah Nizamuddin in New Delhi, India, offered his thanks to Ghanaians for this help.

“This motion is principally to show that Ghanaians from Africa are thinking about our Indian siblings and sisters and keeping their prosperity in our petitions,” he said.

Before the second rush of COVID-19, Ghana had gotten one of the primary beneficiaries of the Indian-produced COVID-19 antibodies under WHO’s Covax program.

Having profited by such an office the current drive fills in as an offer of appreciation from Ghanaians towards India.

Individuals from the Indian Community in Ghana have commended the brief proposal of help, which came from Ghanaians of different foundations.

“Regardless of whether instructors, specialists, understudies, drivers, money managers, and ladies or government representatives – every one of them added as well as could be expected,” one of them told the Ghana News Agency.

“It shows the profound foundations of fellowship that exists between the two networks since autonomy,” he said.

A few exiles of different nations in Ghana likewise partook in the honorable aim.

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has effectively swore the administrations of Ghanaian specialists and medical caretakers to India should they be required whenever.


Dr. Samuel Thomas, an Indian doctor, from a local area clinic of Tamil Nadu State, offered his thanks to Ghanaians for the ideal gift, which as indicated by him, would go far in treating basically sick patients.

Dr. Nikhil Sharma from District emergency clinic Himachal Pradesh expressed: “A few heavenly messengers from Africa are helping to save lives in faraway India and we will at any point stay appreciative to them for this signal.”

His medical clinic has profited by 10 units of the Oxygen concentrators.

Mr. Frank Adu Jnr, a previous Managing Director of CalBank Limited, told the GNA that Ghanaians were profoundly moved by the situation of their kin, subsequently their choice to help them with oxygen concentrators.

He said the COVID-19 disaster knew no limits and asked Ghanaians to keep on submitting to the wellbeing conventions to forestall another influx of the infection in the country.

Coronavirus in India

In the interim, a CNN report demonstrates that India announced 196,427 new instances of Covid-19 on Tuesday, May 25, the most minimal single-day ascend in cases since April 14.

This denotes a decrease from the principal seven day stretch of May when the nation was announcing in excess of 300,000 cases day by day. It has likewise detailed 3,511 fatalities, on Tuesday, the most minimal single-day loss of life since May 4.

On Monday, India turned into the third nation to top 300,000 passings from the infection, after Brazil and the United States. India has revealed a sum of 26,948,874 Covid-18 cases, including 307,231 passings. There are 2,586,782 affirmed dynamic cases in the nation, as per the wellbeing service.