DMX’s family confirms the rapper suffered a heart attack and was placed on life support

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On Saturday (April 3), DMX’s attorney, Murray Richman, confirmed to PIX 11 News that the rapper has been taken off of life support and is breathing on his own after suffering a heart attack, which reportedly stemmed from a drug overdose. However, Richman says that he’s still worried about his condition.

This update has given X’s many fans a slight sense of relief. Nevertheless, the rapper isn’t out of the woods just yet, and we’re continuing to wish him a safe and speedy recovery.

DMX’s family has confirmed he is in grave condition, according to ABC. In a Zoom call, the rapper’s attorney, Murray Richman disclosed that he has spoken with X’s family and he is indeed fighting for his life in a White Plains, NY hospital.

“I received a call this morning that Earl Simmons was in the hospital, at the White Plains Hospital, and that he had had a heart attack, and i’m not sure how it was induced and that he’s on life support,” Richman said.

Richman apparently offered his legal services to the Ruff Ryders rapper for over two decades and has kept in contact with his family. “I’ve spoken to the family and the family and I are quite close with each other. I am concerned about his well-being and mindful of his significance,” Richman said. “I have known Earl for over 25 years and I believe that his music is quite poignant, very important. He’s truly a poet of our time.”

Richman mentioned that X was shooting a movie. According to IMDB, he is in fact currently casted as the lead character Cowboy in an upcoming movie called Doggmen, starring Tara Reid and model Jeremy Meeks. The site also shows the 50-year-old entertainer is set to appear alongside Nas, Rick Ross and Luther Campbell in another film called I Want It All.

Richman failed to confirm whether the multi-talented artist actually overdosed, as previously reported by TMZ. The update from X’s family via his attorney serves as the only corroboration thus far to TMZ’s original article.