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Drivers threaten to hike transport fares by 40% from January 17

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A group of drivers known as the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana has taken steps to hike transport by 40%.

According to the association, the proposed increment has been demanded as fuel value climbs at the siphons, the addition in costs of vehicle parts, among others.

The increment of transport fare is said to start on Monday, January 17, 2022.

Speaking in an interview, the representative of the Drivers Association, David Agboado, encouraged all Ghanaians to accept the new fares.

He said, “We organized a nationwide strike, but there was an intervention from the Chief of Staff that we should come and have a
dialogue, and we did that, hoping something good will come from there. And as I speak to you, nothing has come out. But if we keep on doing
this back and forth, we will collapse as transport operators.”

“That’s why as concerned drivers, we have come out boldly to tell the public that we have to take 40% so that we can sustain ourselves in the
transport business. So, the public should make up their minds and comply with it, so that we can take the 40% for us to sustain ourselves in the
transport business, other than that we will collapse”.

The concerned drivers association of Ghana prior to the fare increment approached the government to scrap what it portrayed as nuisance taxes on the value placed on petroleum products.

The group, including the Ghana Private Road Transport arranged a sit down strike last year to drum home their interests.