Eskom warns possibility of power outages.

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On Tuesday morning, Eskom issued a warning that load shedding may be introduced at short notice if any more breakdowns occurred or if some of the generating units did not return to operation as scheduled.

It requested that South Africans minimise their energy consumption because the electricity supply is “severely constrained.” Eskom has returned a generation unit at each of the Camden, Kendal, and Medupi power facilities in the last 24 hours.

However, two generation units – one at each of the Arnot and Hendrina power stations – tripped at the same moment. Furthermore, another unit at Arnot and another at Lethabo power stations were forced to shut down.

Total breakdowns presently stand at 15 852MW, with scheduled maintenance removing 4 036MW of capacity. Following many days of rolling blackouts last week, load shedding was terminated on Friday evening.

At the time, Eskom chief operational officer Jan Oberholzer expressed confidence that the post-election vote counting procedure would be unaffected by load shedding.

He did, however, caution that the power system is still restricted, and that some units are “very erratic and unstable.”

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah