Fallout from election 2020—will Ghanaians survive this also

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Source: GITFIConline.com

By Alexander NyarkoYeboah

Hon. Mohammed Adjei Sowah
In a speech before the launch, Mr. Sowah said, “Accra is ready to play a significant role in the successful implementation of the African Continental Free Trade agreement

Tema Dec 9, GITFIConline.com—Two days into the December 7 elections, Ghanaians wait to know who forms the next government. Even though it is obvious those who made it to parliament, uncertainties still remain about who eventually clinches the 50% plus one vote to become the President of Ghana, and as Ghana waits, it comes with a  lot of ramifications as to how Ghanaian state organs handle such u certainties.

Of course Ghanaians have been at such crossroads many times under the fourth republican era, but the complexities of this era, leaves many to wonder how the people of Ghana would cope.

These uncertainties are pronounced by the fact that National Democratic Congress (NDC) claims to have won majority seats in parliament whilst some media houses says the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is in the lead in the presidential ballot.

Tensions are high in this polls particularly because the two contenders, President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo and Former President John Dramani Mahama both seeking a second term in office, and it is clear neither of the two would succumb easily.

With the defeat of quite a number of NPP parliamentarians in these polls, it is certain the party would not concede defeat readily; otherwise it would be obvious that Ghanaians have rejected the activities of Nana Akufo-Addo over the last four years.

In the same vein, even though the NDC seems to be leading in the parliamentary race, failure to clinch the presidency means Mr. Mahama’s achievements as president still does  not appeal to the electorate.

With this eagerness to see victory at all costs, pressure comes to bear on the Electoral Commission (EC), not only to be professional, but also to safeguard the electoral process by ensuring transparency in handling the outcome.

This is indeed crucial for our democracy because any doubt in the minds of the supporters of the two political parties would mean the tendency to resist the results as much as they could.

This is where loyalty to a political party as against loyalty to Ghana and the constitution comes in. There are those who are of the view that the Electoral Commissioner and members of the commission should not be appointed by the President in order to be certain of the independence of the commissioners.

But Ghanaians have been here many times and there is the expectation that the nation would go through this also. Bit let us be careful not to stretch the Ghanaian tolerance to the limit. Even though Ghana has proven to be equal to the task, her ability to pull through this should not be taken for granted.

This is why it is necessary for all stakeholders in the electoral process to do their best to safeguard the process. In this regard, the EC, the security services, and other organs of the state should ensure that their loyalty is to the state and not to a political party or an individual.

Any attempt not to let the process work and to allow for the rights of people and contestants to be violated, the nation risks being plunged into chaos because the cool temperament of the Ghanaian may not always be realized.

Ghanaians are resilient people who have pulled through several challenges. We pray that, in this moment of uncertainties, the people of Ghana would let their much esteemed quality of tolerance prevail, whilst those in charge of the running of the electoral process and those who are to protect the peace, do their best to ensure that the peace and stability Ghana enjoys in Sub-Saharan Africa is maintained.

We owe it a duty, not only to Ghana, but to the rest of Africa who sees Ghana as an example worth emulating. Any wrong move on the part of any person, persons of influence or the ordinary man, could be very disastrous for the nation.

Ghanaians have come this far as a nation and should not allow the desire of some individuals to the projected above the interest of the nation, which could spell doom for everybody.

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