Fantom Loot Introduces the Loot Project to the Fantom Platform

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Loot was established on the Ethereum platform by Dom Hofmann, the developer of Vine, Blitmap, and Supdrive. The NFT project drew a lot of attention from users, who found it very intriguing. Loot now ranks among the top seven NFTs in terms of all-time sales, with $210 million in transactions.

 Loot is a popular Ethereum-based NFT platform. It introduced Loot to the Fantom platform. Within 10 hours, over 3000 Fantom Loot were created. The success of the Loot project has prompted Fantom Loot to integrate the Loot project into Fantom, an open-source smart contract platform with high throughput.

 There are 8000 bags of unique adventurer gear in Fantom Loot, just as there are in Loot. There will be no contract deployer bags in Fantom Loot, unlike the original. Therefore, all of the Fantom Loot will be created by the players themselves.