Farmers can rent tractors and implements through an app developed by Sonalika Group

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On Thursday, Sonalika Group announced the introduction of a portal that allows farmers to hire high-tech farm machines. The said group Agro Solutions’ app connects farmers to a network of machinery renters in their area that rent out high-tech agricultural implements.

The association stated in a statement that farmers can choose from a variety of solutions based on their convenience and needs. “Sonalika is committed to making the farm mechanization easily accessible to farmers. In this era of digitalization, we have launched the ‘Sonalika Agro Solutions’ app especially for tractor and implements rental, through which the farmers can check advanced farm machineries available nearby as per their crop requirements through their smartphones,” Sonalika Group Executive Director Raman Mittal said.

According to him, this software will give a platform for enlisting tractors/implements for rent or for interested farmers to rent them. The company claims that their rental software helps farmers undertake more efficient farming by making the proper farm machinery available at the right time and giving job opportunities for trained operators.

Farmers who own agricultural instruments can also register as freelance renters, according to the statement.