Foreign investors taking over kpone cemetery

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By Isaac Newton Tetteh.

Kpone(GAR) August 10. Some Foreign investors are gradually taking over the kpone cemetery site and turning the place into an industrial hub.

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Huge walls have been erected on some part of the cemetery whereas excavating works are on going for different companies to be sited there.

Some worker who spoke to the news crew on condition of anonymity stated that, he was hired by his employer to excavate some portion of the cemetery which he believes have been sold out for the construction of companies.

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He added that he was working under instruction and could not disclose who owns the place.

According to him he was wondering who could have sold a place demarcated for burials to foreign investors at the blind side of the indigens. observed that some construction works were ongoing at some various parts of the cemetery amidst noise from the earth moving machines at a place where silence should be the order of the day.

Stay home and SHOP it all with further observed that Sentuo ceramics were also sited within the same perimeter as other companies were also being constructed

meanwhile, effort made to contact the authorities from the Kpone – Katamanso Municipal Assembly respond to the issues proved futile.

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