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France likely to pull out of Mali but will remain in Sahel

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French Foreign Affairs Minister, Jean-Yves Le drian announced on Monday, French troops would continue fighting terrorism in Sahel but no longer in Mali

French troops will remain mobilized in the Sahel region but no longer in Mali.

That is what Jean-Yves Ledrian, France’s Foreign affairs minister, announced after a virtual meeting with European counterparts, on Monday.

The leaders discussed their countries’ future as they fight Islamist insurgents in Western Africa.

Mounting tensions between French and Malian authorities triggered what French president Macron called a need for “significant changes ” in his country’s military presence.

Le Drian deemed conditions were no longer met for French forces to continue fighting in Mali but he insisted France would stand alongside other Sahelian nations.

France is present in the Sahel region with military operation Barkhane and is also part of the Takuba international task force.

Sahel and France leaders will meet on Wednesday to further discuss a new strategy. Contrary to their 2020 in-person meeting, only 3 of the 5 Sahelian presidents will be present. Nigerian, Mauritanian and Chadian leaders will attend the meeting.