Gabby Otchere-Darko Hails Mustapha Hamid As He Returns Unused Campaign Funds

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Lawyer, Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, has commended the quick past Minister for the ancient Ministry of Inner-City and Zongo Development, for his flawless honesty portraying him as “perhaps the most principled and fair people I have at any point known in my life”.

As per the columnist cum legal advisor, Dr. Mustapha Hamid is so fair and upstanding in his dealings that when he is offered cash to play out an errand, he winds up spending less for similar work.

He uncovered that he is the sort of individual who when relegated crusade cash, will spend inside financial plan and return the leftover assets.

“Hamid is the sort of individual when he takes crusade cash, in view of a financial plan, and he winds up spending not exactly that to do a similar work, he brings back the change!”, he said of the previous Minister.

Mr. Ochere-Darko shared these sorts freely to praise the onetime Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and an establishing individual from the strategy think tank, Danquah Institute, who commended his birthday yesterday.

Dr. Hamid who for a long time filled in as the representative for President Akufo-Addo, during his days as a resistance chief, on Monday, June 14 timed 50 years.

The previous instructor at the University of Cape Coast was commended by numerous both inside and outside the administering NPP, with many addressing his fine and charming character.

Gabby, who said he has known Dr. Hamid for a long time described how they originally became companions during his initial a very long time as the supervisor of a respectable business paper, the High Street Journal.

He additionally addressed the previous Information Minister’s days as the news supervisor at Choice FM and his adjusted greeting to him to be the manager of his paper The Statesman.

Read his full statement below

Yesterday was the birthday of one of my best friends, Mustapha Hamid. To put it mildly, he is one of the most principled and honest human beings I have ever known in my life. A sacred trait I pray will guide and guard him for the rest of his life. 

Hamid is the kind of person when he takes campaign money, based on a budget, and he ends up spending less than that to do the same job, he brings back the change! 

Abotsi, sorry I was not around to join you yesterday. Welcome to the Club of where real life begins. Forget the hype at 40. This is it! From this time on, you start becoming even more philosophical about things you took for granted. It is not that after 50 one’s performance slows down. It only matures! One becomes more efficient in how to use time and energy— resources that become more and more precious as the years go by.

I’ve known Hamid for over two decades now. He is admirably religious, disciplined but liberal. It is this personality quirk that allows him to get on well with people. But, he resents cheats and those he considers disloyal.

He is protectively Ghanaian. Jealously Danquah-Dombo-Busiast. Simply put, Hamid is a proud, humble and decent man.

He is one of the very few Ghanaians I know who genuinely enjoy reading as a devout hobby! An intellectual of the highest order; loyal to his friends, his beliefs and philosophy, and emotionally and intellectually defensive of the things he cherishes and holds in high devotion.

Hamid was an editor of a reputable business newspaper, the High Street Journal when we first became friends. He also became news editor at Choice FM. A couple of years later, I invited him to be the editor of The Statesman. He moved on to become the National Youth Organiser of the NPP, an acknowledgment of his years of service to the party, beginning as a foundation member of the Danquah-Busia Club’s branch at UCC in 1991.

As strong an Akufo-Addo loyalist as they come, Hamid later contested and lost the general secretary position of the NPP in 2005, moving on in 2007 to become a spokesperson to presidential candidate Nana Akufo-Addo and remained so throughout the opposition years.

He, at the same time, went on to teach at Cape Coast University; became Executive Director of the Danquah Institute; achieved a Ph.D. while teaching at Cape Coast; became a cabinet minister in 2017 and now looking forward to a new challenging chapter after attaining the ripe age of 50. His has been half a century of service with integrity and achievements, with much more to come.

I consider myself lucky to be worthy of your friendship, Abotsi. Stay honest, stay true, stay loyal to family, party and country.