Gambia’s ex-vice speaks out on first post-Jammeh poll

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Gambia is holding a fervently challenged official political decision this Saturday. It is the main such exercise since the flight of previous ruler Yahya Jammeh in 2017.

President Adama Barrow, who is looking for re-appointment, is confronting rivalry from four different challengers, many being previous partners of his. So what’s in question?

Noteworthy Fatoumata TambaJang filled in as President Adama Barrow’s appointee from 2017 to 2018. She joined Africanews from Banjul, the Gambian funding to talk on how significant this activity is for the country.

TambaJang: First of all I say thanks to Africanews and Euronews for having me. The decisions are vital in light of the fact that this is the main political race post-Jammeh period. Majority rule decisions, and we are trusting that everyone’s anticipating it. It’s uncommon by the idea of the contenders. We have had without precedent for the historical backdrop of the country 26 ideological groups challenging for the administration.

Kato: So Gambia is situated in a locale that has seen three military takeovers of government over the most recent one year. Is there an inclination that the vote based additions of late years are being scattered? Does this concern you?

TambaJang: It concerns me. The idea of our populace, under 2,000,000 individuals. A quiet friendly texture, exceptionally friendly unit and furthermore similar harmony around the area or in the subregion, Senegal is steady, Guinea-Bissau is steady and obviously we have Ghana and the entire ECOWAS subregion. Be that as it may, for the most part it is a worry. I think we are experiencing a daily reality such that we can’t be smug. Seeing what gets around us.

So this is a chance to not be self-satisfied. We should be ready. We want to advance harmony past Gambia. We should be interconnected. Without harmony, the African Agenda 2063 that we as a whole long for, the Africa that we need: harmony and steadiness and driven by its own residents, African residents. Also we’re taking a gander at security. We are taking a gander at progression, the strengthening of youth and ladies. We’re at taking a gander at comprehensive majority rule administration. These are issues that can’t be truly disassociated from Gambia.

Kato: Honorable Tambajang, finally, certain individuals say that you haven’t come out plainly to state who you’re moving in this official race. The greater part of the competitors are known to you. They are individuals that you have worked with previously. Do you have any inclinations?

TambaJang: I don’t have any inclination. For my purposes, I’m seeing who can lead the country. Who will lead the country, who is equitably equipped, who’s fairly energetic to lead the country, who has the interests of the nation first, who is skillful, who can guarantee us as Gambians of harmony and strength. An individual who can give freedoms to work public area as well as in the private area, someone who additionally has the vision and mission to acquire financial backers. Since Gambia is a little space, the plan to have our normal assets took advantage of.