Germany’s Merkel to discuss COVID-19 with China’s Li in video call

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With the COVID-19 crisis wreaking economic havoc, Germany is eager to reboot trade with China. But German politicians and rights groups cautioned that boosting economic ties cannot come at the expense of human rights.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang during a video conference on Thursday morning.

The talks come amid a difficult situation on the global market, as countries look to maneuver through the COVID-19 crisis, as well as tensions after China moved to tighten its grip on the former British colony of Hong Kong and accusations from the EU that Beijing launched a targeted COVID-19 “disinformation campaign.”
What’s on the agenda?

How to reboot trade between the two countries despite the economic downturn caused by the pandemic
Addressing growing tensions between the US and China and the consequences for the global market
The cancellation of a major EU-China summit that was slated to take place in the German city of Leipzig this September

Merkel urged to defend Hong Kong
Merkel is facing pressure from human rights groups and German politicians including within her own party to take a strong stance against China’s clampdown on Hong Kong.

The foreign policy expert for Merkel’s conservatives, Roderich Kiesewetter, urged China to respect Hong Kong’s autonomous status after Beijing moved to implement a national security law that could be used to crackdown on dissent.

German businesses calling for deal
Although China is one of Germany’s most important trade partners, German and European businesses operating in China have been struggling to operate in the country.
The head of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) told news agency DPA that better market access in China needs to be assured. The BDI has been pushing for an EU-China investment agreement and hopes that a deal will be reached this year.

EU-China tensions over virus 
Merkel’s phone call with Li has also come amid rising tensions between Beijing and Brussels. It’s been speculated that the EU-China summit in September wasn’t called off due to the coronavirus pandemic, but rather due to tensions over Hong Kong, climate change and other issues.

The EU also accused China and Russia on Wednesday of waging targeted coronavirus disinformation campaigns that targeted Europe.

Source: DW

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