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Ghana Gov’t set to unveil “One Student One Tablet” on March 25th.

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The government has unveiled its initiative to distribute complimentary tablets to Senior High School (SHS) students starting from Monday, March 25, 2024.

Nana Gyamfi Adwabour, the Executive Director of the Centre for National Distance Learning and Open Schooling, explained that this forms a crucial part of the Ghana Smart Schools Project. Under this project, provisions include teaching and learning management systems, digital learning materials, and electronic devices for all senior high and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions across the nation.

During an interview on JoyNews on March 22, Adwabour disclosed that all 503 public SHS and TVET establishments would benefit from this initiative. He outlined a phased distribution approach, wherein 30 schools would be covered in each phase until all schools are included. This comprehensive process is anticipated to span over a year.

Adwabour emphasized the collaborative nature of the project, involving stakeholders from the private sector, public industry, and academia, alongside the Ghana Education Service (GES) responsible for SHS and TVET. He highlighted meticulous planning and monitoring to ensure successful implementation and attainment of desired outcomes.

It’s clarified that students across all SHS and TVET levels, including Forms 1, 2, and 3, will be eligible for the tablets.

Furthermore, Adwabour confirmed the arrival of the tablets in the country, awaiting distribution to GES and TVET outlets across various districts.

The tablets boast a four-inch screen, four gigabytes of RAM, and a battery life of seven to eight hours, complemented by a solar-powered battery pack. They are designed to be water-resistant and feature a quad-core 2 processor.

Adwabour highlighted the tablets’ role in supplementing textbooks and facilitating students’ adaptation to digital tools.

Expressing gratitude, he acknowledged the government’s commitment to education as a fundamental right and emphasized its significance in fostering accessibility, quality, and relevance in education. This strategic move aims to enhance global competitiveness, positioning Ghana on par with neighboring countries in Africa and Europe.