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Ghana Institute of Journalism students welcome school’s extension of fee payment deadline extended for GIJ students

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Story by: Norvisi Eyiram Mawunyegah


Students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) have accepted the decision by officials to withdraw its decision instructing students who failed to meet the deadline for the payment of fees to defer their courses.

The students are pleased about the chance to continue their education without interruptions.

About 100 students were affected by the school’s decision initially.

“We are very grateful for management about these… students are very happy about this new development,” one of the students’ spokespersons, Abdul Rahim Naanineche, said.

The institute reserved its earlier decision following demonstration by students’ outrage by the public who asked for the school to be more considerate because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Protesting students went as far as demonstrating in front of the school’s campus on Wednesday, March 24, 2021. The school has extended the deadline three previous times before the February 25 deadline. This resulted in a 24-week payment time frame.

Students were supposed to make a payment of the minimum 60 percent of fees and subsequent registration. Abdul Rahim Naanineche encouraged other students who had not paid to take advantage of the opportunity.

“For those who have paid and those who have not paid, I think it is a good working standard for the student body.”

The school in a statement explained that it pardoned the students after receiving a petition from leaders of the students.