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Ghana to assist Sao Tome with port operations

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Ghana’s Minister of Transport, Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, has announced plans to use Ghana’s ports to assist Sao Tome with port infrastructure.

The two countries have successfully implemented an agreement in the aviation sector, which has been renewed for another five or seven years. Asiamah expressed hope that both countries would benefit from the partnership. He visited Sao Tome’s Minister of Transport, Adelino Cardoso, earlier this year to deepen relations and understand common areas for collaboration.

Ghana and Sao Tome have had a joint program to manage the Gulf of Guinea airspace for over two decades. Cardoso promised to reciprocate the visit to familiarize himself with Ghana’s ports. Asiamah and his counterpart plan to explore using Ghana as a port of entry, given Ghana’s sophisticated ports used by many Sahelian countries.

Asiamah highlighted the transformation of the Takoradi port by the government, stating that it now competes with any port in the world. He described Cardoso’s visit as a good opportunity to concretize earlier discussions. He stated that the government had built a new container terminal with a draft of 16 meters, allowing it to receive any ship in the world.

Cardoso emphasized the importance of maintaining a long-standing relationship between the two countries due to their proximity. The partnership aims to improve the port infrastructure and trade between the two nations.