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Ghana to get 5G wireless data communication soon – NCA boss Joe Anokye

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Ghana is set to connect to 5G wireless data communication for mobile carriers, according to the Director General of the National Communications Authority (NCA), Joe Anokye. He highlighted the complexity of the process and the need for a single entity to acquire the necessary spectrum. Anokye also discussed the importance of improving local internet services for the majority of people to access 5G services, stating that Wi-Fi services should be provided at various places and fiber optic connections to a central point are needed.

Anokye also mentioned that all internet traffic in Ghana passes through the submarine cable landing, which is complicated and requires additional licenses to address anomalies. He commended KNUST for its commitment to technology advancement and praised the institution’s ability to overcome challenges in communication and academically.

In the age of disruptive technologies, the role of educational institutions, particularly those with a legacy, is increasingly critical. Technology is reshaping the way people think, work, and create, but it also presents formidable challenges. The journey of KNUST over the past seven decades has been a testament to vision, dedication, resilience, and corroborative spirit.