Ghanaian Parliament to investigate exposé on gold smuggling as Minerals Commission appears before them

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23 March 2021

A Committee of parliament Mines and energy is established to investigate how gold is illegally smuggled through the country’s borders. An exposé discovered how security workers and politically connected individuals assist gold smuggling organization, illegally transferring gold through the country’s air and seaports. In 2018, President Akufo Addo uncovered how $5 billion was unaccounted, in gold exports from Ghana to the United Arab Emirates. Further Investigation showed how the mineral is under traditional woven slippers and out of the country.

Ranking Member of the Mines and Energy Committee John Jinapor says the information given in the report work will apply effectively when they meet the Lands and Natural Resources Minister and Minerals Commission on Tuesday.

“This will be a major issue at committee. We will delve into it,” he said.

He indicated the need to cross examinethe percentage of tax placed on legal gold exports which he believes may be a contributory factor spreading the illegality.

“I am told that it is a 3% withholding on gold export in Ghana and that that’s a contributory factor deterring people from going through the approved routes. I think that all these issues ought to be looked into so that we can tighten security,” he added.

Source: JoyFM