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Ghanaians rush to re-register SIM cards as telecom companies record long queues [Video]

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With under 90 days to the cutoff time of the SIM card re-enlistment work out, a few parts of media transmission organizations the nation over keep on recording long lines as clients hurry to re-register their SIM cards.

An excursion to different parts of MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo saw numerous Ghanaians baffled at the immense numbers merged at the workplaces to re-register their sim cards with the Ghana card or have their numbers deactivated before the finish of March.

A drive through regions like Circle, Tudu, Osu and Dansoman, all in Accra, saw hordes of individuals accumulated at various parts of MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo, all in the mission to re-register their SIM cards.

The seats accommodated these clients were insufficient for the tremendous numbers; consequently the vast majority of these individuals needed to shape long lines in the blistering sun.

However it is hazy what was representing the lines, Citi Business News sources with the telcos say the framework given by KelniGVG to work with the activity has been full of difficulties, subsequently the sluggish interaction.

Discussions with a portion of these clients demonstrated that a large number of them had been remaining in lines for over three hours, with some additionally deploring the absence of correspondence and legitimate heading in a portion of the enlistment communities.