Girls Basketball Player Brutally Mark Punched in Game.

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A sucker punch knocked out a young girl in the middle of a basketball game on Sunday… and the brutal swing was all captured on tape.

The event occurred during a youth basketball game in Garden Grove, California, after a 15-year-old collided with a girl after her jump shot.

3As both girls rose to their feet following the collision, someone in the audience yelled, “You better strike her! “That’s when the girl in the all-black suit launched a big left haymaker into the other girl’s throat and face area.

The girl immediately collapsed to the floor in agony… and we’re told the game was halted and then cancelled as a result of the occurrence.

According to the mother of the punch victim, the daughter was injured during the play and is still suffering from the aftereffects, as she has yet to return to school.

The girl’s mother also tells us she went to the cops about it all… though it’s unclear whether a criminal inquiry is underway.

Story by : Norvisi Mawunyegah