Godred Dame say they are not only burning equipment; ‘Operation Halt’ has arrested 45 people

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The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Godred Dame, has reacted to the analysis that the public authority isn’t doing what’s necessary to arraign people occupied with unlawful mining.

Talking on Joy FM’s Newsfile, he said the discernment that “we are keen on the gear and not the indictment of individuals isn’t right.”

His remarks come in the midst of the discussion over the copying of unlawful mining gear like earthmovers which has been intensely reprimanded.

Yet, Mr. Lady said, in the midst of the furore over the consuming of tractors, captures are being made by security organizations participating in the ‘Activity Halt’ against unlawful mining team.

“As numerous as around 45 individuals are being investigated because of activities required in the previous fourteen days. In particular, it includes around 10 Chinese nationals,” he expressed.

Mr. Woman further guarded the President’s sponsorship of the consuming of earthmovers by individuals from ‘Activity Halt’.

President Akufo-Addo has asked people who are disappointed with the seizure and consuming of their backhoes and other mining gear to look for lawful review.

With all due respect of President Akufo-Addo, Mr. Woman referred to the 2018 choice of the Kumasi High Court not to grant pay to Exton Cubic Group, a mining organization with connections to financial specialist, Ibrahim Mahama, over the capture of its mining gear.

“The rules that the President set out in his discourse on Wednesday were really the establishments for the choice of the High Court in Kumasi. The High Court embraced the rule that no privilege can build from the wrongdoing,” the Attorney General contended.

Cautioning to unlawful excavators

Additionally on the issue of the public authority’s obligation to making captures as a feature of the battle against unlawful mining, Mr. Lady was addressed on the public authority’s declaration of the developments of the ‘Activity Halt group’.

‘Activity Halt’ is in its fourth stage, and each phase of its work has been gone before by a notice to individuals to abandon illicit mining destinations.

Most as of late, the group was being sent to the River Ankobra in the Western Region to eliminate all people and coordinations engaged with mining from water bodies.

Mr. Woman avoided condemning the methodology of broadcasting the arrangements of ‘Activity Halt’, adding that he was not even mindful of the latest declaration.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea where this supposed declaration was made so I am not in a situation to reply.”

At the point when he was informed that the declaration was from the Information Ministry, Mr. Lady added that “I don’t have a clue about the conditions under which the Information Minister offered that expression.”

In Mr. Woman’s view, in spite of the declarations of Operation Halt’s developments, “the main point is that insight consistently prompts the capture of the guilty parties [engaged in illicit mining].”